We can't solve our problems using the same thinking that created them in the first place - A. Einstein

Bringing counselling and assessment services to children, teens, and adults throughout Central Alberta.


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Hi I'm Joe Johnson, founder of Bluebonnet, and this is Maddy, Bluebonnet's therapy dog.  I earned my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Sam Houston State University, and have worked with children, teens, and adults for nearly 20 years. I have thousands of hours in clinical practice, and have successfully helped many people get past the difficulties that are blocking their paths to success.

While working as a mental health therapist, I began to recognize that in the course of treatment, there was a tremendous amount of focus on the disorder or the diagnosis, but a lot of my clients wanted more than to just dwell on their past or talk about their difficulties.  They wanted more than someone who just rephrased what they said or replied with a steady stream of "uh-huh's".    They wanted practical help rather than someone who kept asking questions they couldn't answer, or making empathetic statements that didn't provide any real direction.  

My clients, and especially the teens I worked with, wanted someone in their life that would hold them accountable and yet walk side by side with them to address their personal struggles and difficulties.  They wanted someone to teach them methods that would help them recognize where they may be their own worst enemy and setting themselves up to fail through their choices, thinking or actions.  Thus, I shifted the focus of my practice from diagnostics and assessment to a therapeutic counselling and coaching environment where my clients could work one on one with me to improve their personal lives and begin achieving their goals and dreams (AND do it for a lot less money from anywhere in the world!!)

Our Headquarters

Bluebonnet is headquartered in Red Deer, Alberta and is located in suite 103 on the first floor of The Professional Building, conveniently located  at 4808 Ross Street (corner of 50 St. and 48 Ave).  For those coming in for face-to-face counselling we offer free parking after 5 pm, and handicap accessibility. We offer day and evening appointments, as well as online and telephone meetings for those unable to make it into the office or those pursuing coaching or counselling from anywhere in North America.

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